The Faria & Bento porcelain stoneware and ceramic flameware factory is located in the town of Aljubarrota, Portugal

Faria & Bento is a porcelain stoneware and ceramic producer who comes from Portugal, a country with a long and rich tradition of ceramic products (majolica) and porcelain, stoneware. In addition to these lines, there is a ceramic flamewar (pans, casseroles, baking, food preparation, also from stoneware porcelain)

Stoneware porcelain is a unique new material in our market, handmade. The tradition of making dates back to the 14th century. These products are unique in design, color and have exceptional mechanical properties. They are a combination of high mechanical and thermal resistance. Stoneware porcelain allows a thermal range (temperature difference) to 220 * C are used in the microwave, freezer, dishwasher or conventional oven, as well as for the presentation of the food on the table.

A special line of ceramic flamewar represents the highest level of innovation in the ceramic combined with the Portuguese heritage in ceramics. These products are very low porosity, have a high mechanical resistance, not tacky and are serving severe temperature changes without cracking (300 * C). They bring great benefits compared to alternative products primarily in the superior hygienic conditions, extraordinary behavior from washing in the dishwasher, greater energy savings, higher speed cooking and much longer lasting with heavy use

All you need is just one piece of crockery that you can use for cooking flame (gas stove), baking in the oven or to only keep the food warm, and then served on the table, and after the rest put in the fridge or freezer. Directly from the refrigerator can be used in the microwave, oven or flame.

Faria & Bento products are 100% natural products, not porous; do not absorb grease, odors, bacteria and guarantee the original taste and perfect hygiene. Contain neither cadmium nor lead.

The brand is present in the most exclusive hotels and restaurants in Portugal, Spain, and Italy.